NBA Essentials: New York Press Freedom

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Posting and Toasting. The Knicks have given Seth from Posting and Toasting great access to training camp, and Seth is making the most of it.

2. Miami's Erik Spoelstra put the Heat playbook on iPods for the team.

3. You Been Blinded. Download Ron Artest's mixtape. It's inspirational, man.

4., via DBB. The renewed Pistons are knocking each other the [blank] out in Michael Curry's practices.

5. Boston Globe. Don't look now, but Darius Miles had, reportedly, a great first practice. So much for that 2009 free agent class, eh Portland?

6. Sacramento Bee. Spencer Hawes has refused to take the Kings' wind-sprint conditioning test. ... I'll be in the closet, with a plastic bag.

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