Maryland Takes a Big Chance on a T. Evans

Sure most of the recruiting news the last day or two focused on Tyreke Evans signing with Memphis. Maryland, however, made their own signing with Tyree Evans. This signing is something of a surprise.

Once upon a time, Tyree Evans was a solid basketball recruit but a combination of academic, attitude and criminal issues has made him a risky signee. Especially for a major conference team.

Tyree Evans was once a verbal commit to Kansas State and thenCinci. He was a top-100 recruit back in 2004-05. The 6' 3" shooting guard, however, had to attend prep school for 2005 to get his academics in order. While in prep school, he was charged with statutory rape -- insert obligatory Jailcats/Thuggins crack here -- and Cinci rescinded the scholarship offer. Evans eventually pled to a lesser charge of assault and battery and received two years of probation.

Still, the saga didn't end. He was kicked off the team at Butler County (Kansas) Community College after one year. That led him to a Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Despite all of these red flags, Florida State, Kansas State and Maryland were all vying for his services. Maybe he's learned from all of this. Maybe he's a better person now. Maybe, but no one will be shocked if it all goes "Ka-boom."

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