Maryland Fans Boo Greivis Vasquez, Vazquez Tells Them to ‘Shut the F*** Up'

In the world of ACC basketball, you have many enemies. And few friends. The latter consists primarily of: your teammates and your fans. You do not want to anger your fans, even if they're giving you a hard time occasionally.

Greivis Vasquez does not seem to understand this. Despite averaging 17.9 points (sixth best in the ACC)and 6.2 boards (12th in the conference) per game, Vasquez caught some flak from a few students recently. The bigger problem is that he didn't exactly play through it, deciding instead to let loose a not-so-polite phrase in the direction of the group.

When Vasquez missed a shot or made a mistake, a cluster of Maryland students either booed the guard or yelled for Vasquez to shape up. And Vasquez responded at least three times by turning toward his classmates (once while dribbling the ball), putting his index finger over his lips and telling them to "Shut the [expletive] up!"

Yeeeeeah. That's not going to be good for anyone. And neither is Greivis' postgame statement.

The likes of which should do little to quiet the backlash from the College Park faithful.

"If they don't believe in us, they can get the hell out. We don't need them anyway. We need the people who will support us, who are with us. I know they are all happy now, but they didn't believe in us when we were down."

So, um, right. Vasquez apparently has no love lost for his fellow Terrapin students, which, as the gents at Mr. I point out, is not the best way to behave after coughing up a home loss to Morgan State.

It kind of makes you wonder, though, whether or not this will actually end on the basketball court. Is it really so inconceivable that Greivis could find himself at a frat party where some meathead tells him to "STFU" right back? Given some of theridiculous athlete-related behavior we've seen recently, it certainly doesn't seem implausible.

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