Lone Maple Leafs Fan Starts Planning Stanley Cup Victory Parade

Today, ESPN has proved that sports homer ism knows no bounds -- or that it's really funny when someone impersonates a crazed Maple Leaf fan. Deadspin first brought it to my attention in their weekly featured comment from an ESPN.com commenter. The choice this week was an epic quote from a person (or robot, possibly) using the pseudonym deskjockey007. While deskjockey007 is not riding his desk as if it were Barbaro, he/she is already out planning the Maple Leafs' Stanley Cup parade.

If you weren't paying attention to the hockey being played last night, the Versus featured game of the week showcased the Maple Leafs facing off against the Red Wings in Detroit. In what can be considered a huge upset, if you agree with Ted Starkey's Power Rankings as I do, the Leafs winning 3-2 last night while the Red Wings raised their 2008 Stanley Cup banner was an upset of "epic fail" proportions. So there you have it, folks -- it's, amazingly, time to start jumping on the bandwagon that is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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