Jay Cutler Thinks His Arm Is Stronger Than John Elway's

Quarterbacks, good ones anyway, have a swagger that says they're the best, most important person on the field. They're usually quieter about it than your average wide receiver named Owens or Ocho Cinco but there's no question that a high self opinion is a crucial part of most of the better quarterbacks in the league.

Note that I said they're usually quieter about it. Jay Cutler of the Broncos spoke to the Sporting News last week and wasn't shy about comparing himself to the patron saint of Denver football.

"I have a stronger arm than John Elway, hands down. I'll bet on it against anybody's in the league. Brett Favre's got a cannon. But on game days, there's nobody in the league who's going to throw it harder than I am at all."

Cutler threw 16 of the strongest incompletions you've ever seen while leading the Broncos to a 24-17 home loss to the Jaguars yesterday. Judging from Elway's own history against the Jacksonville side, perhaps the Jags are just well-suited to beating strong-armed quarterbacks.

I realize he didn't say anything explicitly about being a better quarterback than Elway (or Favre for that matter) but, unless the writer chose not to include his disclaimer that there's more to the position than a strong arm, it's hard to miss the implication. And good as Cutler may turn out to be, he's not worthy of mention in the same breath as those two guys just yet.


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