Gina Carano: ‘Sometimes Fighters Have to Get Naked to Make Weight. No Big Deal.'

Prior to her fight last weekend, Gina Carano had to get naked for her weigh-in, and some people in the MMA world have criticized EliteXC for not giving her a private place to weigh in. But Carano tells Steve Cofield she's not concerned about that:

"That was kind of an interesting situation," Carano said. "Sometimes fighters have to get naked to try to make weight. No big deal."

Carano even said she isn't too concerned about it if someone tried to sneak a peek at her over the towels that were covering her up.

Carano was paid just $25,000 to beat Kelly Kobold -- or 5% of what Kimbo Slice got paid to get destroyed by Seth Petruzelli -- but she doesn't sound too concerned about that, either.

"My job is to fight," she said. "So I'm just going to keep fighting and hope for the best for EliteXC."

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