Gilbert Arenas Masterminds Multi-State Kidnapping of Young Street Ballers

At least that's how I viewed what's going on this latest video from adidas, which is part one of a four part series kicking off their ""NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready." campaign. The idea is actually pretty cool, and features Gilbert Arenas picking out some talented kids off of an outdoor court, and taking them back to the Verizon Center for a little practice.

As you can see, the kidnapping scheme gets taken to a whole new level at the end of the clip when Gilbert calls up Dwight Howard to organize a meeting in Orlando. This is where the wheels kind of fall off the spontaneity train, right? I'm thinking a cell phone call from a kid at the airport to his parents is going to set off some major amber alerts in the area. I think that maybe, just maybe, this might possibly have been set up head of time.

Anyway, cool campaign, so stay tuned for parts two, three, and four, which we'll post up over the next couple of days.

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