Gilbert Arenas: From Unlikely Voter to an Obama Tattoo in Three Months

A few months ago, Gilbert Arenas wrote this on his blog:

Obviously, our vote doesn't really mean anything. Then you have this thing called the delegate, then you got the super delegate and then you got the hidden delegate that nobody knows about. If you've never heard of the hidden delegate, that's like when you're buying a car and they say the taxes on the car are 20 percent, and then when you look at your statement, they charge you an extra three, that's the same thing. It's the hidden fee delegate that nobody knows about who has all this power. They actually get to pick who they want for president. So when I start looking at it like that, that's when I stop paying attention because at the end of the day, our votes really don't matter.

On Saturday, Arenas showed this off to his teammates:

Arenas has decided to show his permanent support of President-elect Barack Obama with a tattoo. Arenas had the words "Change We Believe In" tattooed onto the fingers of his left hand in cursive writing. Then, Gilbert showed the outside of his pinky finger, which had "44" inked on it.

Gil tells the Washington Post's Michael Lee that his previous statements about voting and democracy and jury duty were an elaborate joke no one got. Ink is a heckuva way to try to prove that. Still, something rings hollow. You're allowed to be undecided in August in this country ... but for someone as opinionated as Gil, it just seems unlikely.

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