FanHouse In the Stands: It's Always Fun to Lose In the Opponent's Stadium

FanHouse in the Stands ."

My wife and I attended the Redskins-Bengals game at Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium. I, of course, am a Redskins fan, and got to see them lose to the lowly Bengals, 20-13.

There is nothing like watching your team's season go down the tubes and then hearing chants of "Who Dey" as you are filing out of the building. But it's all worth it when your wife starts talking smack back and reminding everyone that it was just Cincy's second win of the season.

I will say that there were a ton of Redskins fans at the game. I sat two rows up from the goal line and was surrounded by other Skins fans. The usher who showed us to our seats welcomed us "to Redskins Stadium." He also told me to come get him if anyone bothered me, but felt that I wouldn't have to worry about that.

Despite what happened on the field, I had a great time. My wife was the reason for that. Understand that my wife does not like football. She doesn't watch it, doesn't understand it and doesn't care about it. She loves going to NBA games with me but had no interest in attending any NFL game.

The guy I was supposed to go to the game with backed out and my wife filled in admirably. She wore my Redskins sweatshirt, hat and ear warmers and drove us to the game. She took pictures, ate a bratwurst and consoled me as the Bengals jumped out to a 17-0 lead.

She also made me laugh. She remarked about Bengals lineman Domata Peko's hair and hindquarters. She kept referring to Peko as "Big Hair-Big Butt" and died laughing when he bent over to fix his shoe during the game. She thinks T.J. Houshmandzadeh was smaller than she thought he'd be but said "he's still sexy."

As she waited for me to come out of the bathroom, a group of Redskins-geared chicks walked up to her and screamed, "whoooooooo!" She was relieved that no one asked her about football.

The greatest moment was when a bag flew on field, she kept screaming "bag on the field!" over and over and wondered if they would hold up the game to remove it. Every time another bag hit the field, she was on it.

Not to make this into some sappy song about my wife, but she really made the day and reaffirmed why I am lucky to be married to her. After all, she took away the sting that my beloved Redskins put on me.

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