Fan Saves Money To Fly ‘Step Down Mike Brown' Banner Over Bengals Game

(Hat tip Mo Egger )

is planning on having a plane fly over Paul Brown Stadium

No donations or monetary gifts are required, this one's on me fellas. However, what I would like for all of you to do is spread the word around the Internet so we generate some support. If you belong to another message board or fan site start a thread. As The Dude pointed out, if we can get a chant going during the game it'd be a wonderful thing, ad perhaps the impetus for change. If we can get local media on board, it'd be great, and if ESPN gets involved, wooo-hooo.

Hey, FanHouse is behind ya!

The plane will fly over the stadium before the October 19th home game with the Steelers. With security like it is, there is no way that the plane could fly over during the game. Instead, the banner will be waving sometime "between 11 a.m. and noon" local time.

The fan base is extremely frustrated and has all but bailed on the team. Especially when their head coach says that he does "like our football team, except for the 0-5 part".

The sad thing for that dedicated fan is that most of the people tailgating outside Paul Brown Stadium will actually be Steelers fans who could give a crap.

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