Colts 31, Ravens 3 … You Didn't Really Give up on Peyton, Did You?

It was vintage Colts. Before you even batted an eye the Colts had built a huge first half lead at home. Peyton Manning found Marvin Harrison -- who toasted Chris McAlister like he (Harrison) was still young -- for a 67 yard strike. Before you knew it, Manning was back with another touchdown pass, this time to his new favorite target, Reggie Wayne.

And the rout was on.

Only things were supposed to be different this time around. The Ravens came in as the top ranked defense. Even if you split the stats up into run and pass defense, the Ravens were tops in everything. They were supposed to be the proverbial "immovable object." The Colts used to play the counterpart of "irresistible force," and the battles between these two teams were always billed as such. Only this time, as I said, it was supposed to be different.

The Colts are getting old. They've lost a step and they've lost their mojo. They can't stop the run. And on and on and on the detractors stated.

Instead, the Colts are 3-2.

They stopped the run. The Ravens carried the football 19 times for 51 yards.

They aren't old, as they shredded what was the league's top defense for 334 yards without turning it over.

They aren't slow, as Harrison and Wayne showed throughout the day.

This really felt like the same old Colts.

You are officially put on notice, AFC. The Colts are back.

As for the Ravens, I'm willing to write this off as just running into a buzzsaw. There's really no need to delve further into this disaster which saw nothing work well. You turn the ball over five times, don't take it away, don't guard stud receivers, and don't run the football ... you just aren't going to win. It's that simple.

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