Boston's Citgo Sign Catches Fire; What Are the Baseball Gods Trying to Say?


The giant Citgo sign outside Fenway Park, one of baseball's most famous landmarks, caught fire this afternoon. Fortunately no one was hurt and the flames were quickly extinguished, but not before doing $5,000 worth of damage. The fire is being blamed on an electrical short circuit.

Those are the cold, hard facts. But what does it all mean?

Is this a bad omen that Boston's season is about to go up in smoke?

Or is this a sign that the Red Sox are about to catch fire and get back in this thing?

Of course, there's a third possibility: this may have been caused by a poorly design electrical circuit overheating, resulting in combustion when it reacted with the oxygen in the air and another flammable substance in a manner that is purely coincidental to the timing of (and containing no metaphysical implications toward) the baseball game that happens to be scheduled at an adjacent stadium tomorrow evening. Ah, never mind, that's just stupid.

What does it all mean?! Reveal yourselves, baseball gods!

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