Anderson ‘Feels' Bears Headed to Super Bowl

Look, I love the Bears.

I even felt confident enough in my team to call a division title last week with the team sitting only 2-2 and tied with what most believed was a far superior Packers team heading into the season.

I'm even more confident after the complete game they played this past week -- admittedly against a Detroit area JV team -- teamed with the Packers home loss to Atlanta.

But even I wouldn't bring this noise right now:

''We're heading to the Super Bowl,'' defensive end Mark Anderson said. ''I really feel that way.''

I'm expecting people to make a big deal out of this and act like he's gone with the played-out guarantee. Let us try to sit back and notice his wording, though. Is it really that ridiculous for a player on a good team to deep down believe his team is going to the promised land?

Not only do I have no problem with this proclamation as a fan, but I actually love the strong belief the third-year pass-rushing specialist has in this team.

Can I get on board and back the claim?

I'll just say that there's a case that can be made.

If the Bears win the division, it's feasible the NFC East beats all beat up on each other and are worn down by the end of the regular season. If you want to make the argument that Tony Romo chokes in the playoffs again, by all means, be my guest. Someone would have to slay the Giants, which isn't entirely out of the question -- though right now it would appear to be a tall order. I could definitely see a rematch of the Bears/Panthers week two contest, in which the outcome could have gone either way. Both teams will be better and different by late January.

Yeah, you can pile on me and destroy me for believing in my team ... and I'll openly admit it's a bit far-fetched.

Just don't blame Anderson for having confidence in the abilities of his teammates and himself. It is, after all, only week five. What if someone told you the Giants would win the Super Bowl last year at this point? You'd have laughed in his face.

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