“Family Guy” Skewers Michael Vick

The infamous former Falcon quarterback gets animated

There's absolutely nothing funny about what Michael Vick and his cronies did to the pit bulls they raised to turn into fighters. Yet it was impossible not to laugh at the scenario Seth MacFarlane and the other brains behind "Family Guy" dreamed up to wedge Vick into the show.

With Vick's release from prison right around the corner, he'll be applying for reinstatement to the NFL soon. He'll probably get that chance, this is the league where Leonard Little suffered little consequence for killing another human being while driving drunk, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't remember what he did to get in trouble in the first place.

Only a show like "Family Guy" could provide that reminder while making you laugh at the same time, and then make you feel bad about laughing when you realize Vick did the same thing to real dogs.

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