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DC United Paints ‘BLM,' ‘I Can't Breathe' on Audi Field

Audi Field message
DC United

D.C.'s soccer team says it stands with Americans fighting for racial justice. 

D.C. United players, coaches and supporters wrote “I Can’t Breathe” and “BLM,” meaning Black Lives Matter, in huge red letters on Audi Field on Sunday. 

The message is a statement “emphatically announcing that we, D.C. United, are committed to being a driving force of the change we need to see in our country,” the team said in a statement. This is “just the beginning, and we’re committed to the action that follows,” they said. 

On social media on Tuesday the team will hold a dialogue on racism in America. When matches resume, the team plans to donate a suite to “groups involved in human-rights and community causes.” 

The message on the field will remain for the foreseeable future, the team said. 

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