Cutler Focus of Danny's Dreams

Danny thinks he's found his franchise QB

What Danny wants, Danny gets.  Usually.

If that's the case, Skins fans can welcome Jay Cutler to town.

The rumors floating around yesterday morning appear to be true; the Skins are hot and heavy after the mopey Broncos QB, according to the WaPo.

Supposedly Danny Snyder views Cutler as the franchise quarterback he's lusted after for years.  (Apparently Sage Rosenfels, Todd Husak or Gibran Hamdan weren't enough to sate his desires.)

To clear room, the Skins are apparently shopping Jason Campbell, and the WaPo report says the team is looking for a 2nd-round pick for him.

If the Skins do dump Campbell for a second rounder, that's a perfect microcosm of the Skins problems: they'll have "wasted" the first-rounder they used on him, traded away a first, a third and a fourth all for a second rounder.

That's a heckuva trade.

That doesn't even count the rumored price tag for Cutler, which the Broncos are reportedly hoping will be more than a first- and third-rounder.


But if Cutler's the true franchise QB, it's all worth it, right?   How many Broncos fans do you think there are that think that the whiny QB is the next John Elway?  Even poor Jason Campbell probably has more fans at this point.

Campbell has his detractors, but there are certainly some people who believe that he's as good as the Commodore -- even though Cutler's 4,500 yards passing last season seems like its more than Skins QBs have had all decade.

Although if Cutler had to pass behind the creaky, gate-like offensive line that Campbell did last season, he certainly wouldn't have those numbers either.

Either way, there's a chance this might not wrap up quickly, lingering around like one of Danny Wuerffel's downfield ducks, at least according to PFT.  He argues that if the Broncos hope to get a QB in the draft, other teams will know this, meaning if others wanted a QB, they'd leapfrog Denver.  So, "both sides need to assume full radio silence until the Redskins or whoever in the hell gets Cutler is on the clock."

Nice idea, but Cutler's dancing in Danny's eyes.  Like you, when you tore downstairs for your Christmas presents at 5:30 a.m., there's nothing that's going to make Danny Boy wait.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He worries that his hair looks too much like Cutler's.

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