Caps' Carlson Shows Off Segway Skills

If you've been downtown in nice weather, you've undoubtedly seen tourists on Segways clogging up the sidewalk, getting in the way and generally being a nuisance.

Recently, Capitals players John Carlson, Scott Hannon, Matt Bradley and Marcus Johansson were that nuisance.

As graceful they are on skates, they are quite clumsy on the two-wheeled riders. Somehow, Carlson got a tricked-out ride with monster wheels while Marcus Johansson struggled to even stay up.

"Sometimes I forget how to do it and I fall," he laughs.

Find out which of them falls before even getting out the door...

And if you're wondering, this wasn't Matt Bradley's first rodeo.   He's a Segway pro.  And if you're also wondering why Mike Green didn't take part, well, watch this:

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