Bryce Harper's Ego a Problem?

Bryce Harper’s “kiss” fiasco was well documented and the Nationals have called it a “teaching moment” for their star draft pick. But according to some reports, the moment was less a temporary lapse in judgment and more an indication of deeper issues with the Nats' young phenom.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark has revealed that Harper’s attitude might need a little more adjusting; his sense of entitlement being the biggest issue.

“Tales of Harper showing up late for team stretching, and occasionally exiting those stretching drills before they were over, have been circulating in the scout community. And as talented as Harper may be, and as fun as he may be to watch on the field, he has often offended outsiders with his what-am-I-doing-in-THIS-league body language.”

That attitude is exactly why he’s in “this” league, and it would be wise of Harper to realize that.

Yes, he’s younger than most draft picks and should technically still be in high school. But that excuse is tired and we certainly don’t have the patience for hearing it much longer. Harper also needs to understand that once reports like this hit the media, an athlete has to work twice as hard to prove he’s not a problem.

We’re excited to see Harper come to D.C., as long as he leaves the ego in Hagerstown.
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