Bruce Boudreau Admires Dale Hunter for “Following the Beat of His Own Drum”

Much was/has been made about Washington Capitals head coach Dale Hunter's decision to play Alex Ovechkin for a career-worst 13:36 in the team's 3-2 win over the New York Rangers Monday. Hunter made it clear that the decision had nothing to do with Ovechkin doing anything wrong; it was simply a strategy.

Hunter's predecessor, Bruce Boudreau, came under fire for a similar situation in November, but in a blog for the Los Angeles Times, Boudreau showed his support for Hunter's decision-making:

A lot has been made about Ovechkin and his ice time. I admire Dale Hunter for following the beat of his own drum. He is looking at the game and saying, “This is how we are going to win.” He’s staying true to himself and doing exactly what he thinks is the right thing in order to be successful.

Those are probably the most poignant thoughts shared on the situation, largely because of the man who made them, but Hunter should be given credit for sticking to his convictions.

Also, credit must be given to Boudreau for being professional. This could have been real awkward.

(Via ProHockeyTalk)

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