Behind the Scenes of Ovi's First Pitch

Alex Ovechkin threw out the first pitch at the Orioles game on Friday night, and his decent toss ensured that he'll be left off of any "Worst First Pitches" lists.

The Caps followed Ovi around as he prepared for his appearance on the mound, and the resulting video is chock full of Ovi-isms.

"It’s like a hockey stick." - after being handed a baseball bat for batting practice

"Can you make it easy please?" - after whiffing on the first pitch he saw at said batting practice

"I’m kind of suck." - following a failed bunt attempt

"We’re playing a baseball game, no?" - to the fan who handed him a hockey puck to sign during an autograph session

"Cup is most important thing, actually." - to Jeremy Guthrie while going over the list of equipment a catcher wears.

"Our game [hockey] too fast, so we don’t have time to chilling." - to a group of Orioles players enjoying a game of cards in the locker room

Catch Ovi in a casual setting and he can be downright hilarious. It's one of the things we love about him.

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