Beck's Intensity Reaching Higher Levels

We’ve criticized John Beck’s public campaign to be the Redskins starter. His enthusiasm is not what we object to; it’s his borderline obsession with his self-imposed leadership role.

On Tuesday, Beck showed up to the Redskins practice with a cameraman in tow to film the day’s activities. And as is his way, he took an intense step further on Wednesday.

(pic courtesy of Rich Campbell of the Washington Times)

Yup, that’s Beck’s camera guy getting a bird’s eye view of the practice.

Granted, this is something the team would do if it was an official Redskins activity. But as we’ve said before, Beck’s intensity is a little scary. Like “if I don’t make starter I might go postal” scary.

Beck has been talking about reaching out to the players regarding practices, but it seems he may have overlooked one. Trent Williams, who was missing from the practice, told Chris Russell of ESPN 980 that he thought the practice was only for quarterbacks and wide receivers.

Maybe Williams needs to get on Twitter.

Other tidbits from practice:

London Fletcher has an interception streak going. [Football Insider]

Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan are going to be a dangerous combination. [Washington Times]

John Beck explains the taping of practice, makes us feel a little guilty for being cynical. [CBS Washington]

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