Beast Mode Morse Nearly Beheaded

It was a close call on Wednesday as fan favorite Michael “Beast Mode” Morse almost lost his head.

With Morse at third and Wilson Ramos at bat, manager Davey Johnson gave the sign for the ever-exciting suicide squeeze.

Unfortunately, Ramos missed the sign and it was a scary few moments for everyone in the park.

Instead of the expected bunt, Ramos took a big guy swing and nearly beheaded our favorite final All-Star vote candidate.

“That was a first,” Morse told the Washington Post. “Man, it was scary. You don’t know what to do.”

Not one to give up easily, Johnson called for the squeeze again two pitches later. Although take two was successful, he admitted it was a pretty gutsy move. 

“Must be brain-dead,” Johnson joked. “It was another interesting ballgame. That seems like all we play around here.”

We’ll take interesting any day, as long as our roster keeps all body parts intact.

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