Balance Gym Creates Workout Regimen for Andray Blatche

Tuesday, locally operated Balance Gym tweeted at Washington Wizards forward/center Andray Blatche and offered to help him get back into shape after being shut down by the team this week.

Balance Gym has now taken their sales pitch to the next level. 

From owner/personal trainer Graham King comes an instructional video aimed to assist Blatche in his conditioning journey:

"We just want to show you and Andray Blatche what you can expect to get out of Balance Gym," King said in the video. "We can help anybody get in shape for their sport, professional or otherwise."

King mentions that he and his trainee, Josh Phelps, put in an early morning, starting at 7:30 a.m.

If Blatche would not mind pushing his middle-of-the-night workouts back about a few hours, then i think we might have something here.

Adam Vingan is co-founder and editor of Kings Of Leonsis, a Caps-centric blog, and is the Capitals Editor for SB Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Adam_KOL and e-mail your story ideas to adamvingan (at)

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