As Cooley As the Other Side of the Pillow

Skins TE tells it like it is

Why is Chris Cooley the most popular Redskin? Because he's just a regular dude, a "bro" if you will. He has fun on and off the field, and doesn't get consumed with his celebrity status.

With his "aww shucks" demeanor and humble attitude, Cooley has kept the haters at bay for the most part (aside from some slippage of the family jewels). He's candid without being obnoxious, the epitome of an athlete celebrity, many of whom are "regular people", versus the Hollywood/artist types who are obsessed with themselves.

Recently, Cooley participated in an chat session, and his responses didn't disappoint in the entertainment category.

On draft pick Brian Orakpo:
"He has a deep voice and lots of muscles."

On the origin of "Captain Chaos":
"I was bet that I wouldn't go onto the field and introduce myself to all the Rams captains as Captain Chaos. I had to walk up to Orlando Pace, Marc Bulger and Torry Holt and introduce myself as Captain Chaos. They looked at me like I was crazy."

On the first time he met Albert Haynesworth:
"The first time I met Albert Haynesworth was at the Pro Bowl in 2007. I was told the game was pretty relaxed, play hard. In the first quarter we threw a pick and I slowly chased after the ball and Albert Haynesworth blindsided me. I've never been more upset."

On his own fantasy football status:
"To be honest. I'd put myself definitely in the top-5 tight ends, I always have the potential to have a big week. Obviously there is good value there in the fourth or fifth round."

On Jared Cook (and some fan who thinks Cook is better than Cooley):
"I do not know who Jared Cook is. Obviously, you're not a 'Skins fan. I think Paris Hilton would probably be a better sports analyst than you."

Head over to to read the rest of what Cooley has to say.

Want more of #47? Check out Cooley's appearance on NFL Total Access, via his blog. The Gist: Players respect Jason Campbell more because he was ready to demand a trade if Danny Snyder drafted Mark Sanchez.

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