Adam's Mornin': To Be (Nick) Young

Washington Wizards guard Nick Young is a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in red, white and blue-striped jersey. Young possesses great potential and a ridiculous upside, but then does things like this. Yet, we were finally afforded an opportunity to dive deep into Young's psyche in the latest epsiode of "Wizards Magazine." Let's just say that it is apropos that Nick's last name is Young.

At the 1:22 mark of the video (if you would like to see Wizards Radio Network commentator Glenn Consor huffing and puffing after playing assistant coach Sam Cassell in a game of one-on-one), the cameras go inside Young's hotel room, where he orders room service from the kid's menu (chicken fingers, hot dogs and chocolate cake) and searches for "Twilight" on demand instead of the college basketball games that the television is already tuned to.

"I ain't seen it yet, so I might order me a movie or something," Young said with a childlike grin on his face.

Of course, the cameras leave as Young is going to sleep. Perhaps he pulled a stuffed animal out of his suitcase, but I guess we will never know.

One thing we do know, however, is that the Washington Capitals are capable of winning a game at home. One night after Young and the Wizards completed a double-digit comeback to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers at Verizon Center, Alex Ovechkin's overtime goal gave the Caps a much-needed 3-2 win after they trailed 2-1 with less than five minutes (coincidentally, the only other win that the Caps had in their homestand was also a 3-2 overtime victory ultimately won by Ovechkin's game-winning goal after they trailed with less than five minutes left). Washington now heads out on the road for six of seven in another stretch that could define their season. But for one night, Ovechkin can party like the rock star that he apparently is.

D.C. Is Not Peyton's Place

The Washington Redskins have had their names constantly mentioned in the sweepstakes for Peyton Manning's services, but it does not seem that Manning feels the same way about the Redskins. According to ESPN 980's Chris Russell, multiple sources told him that Manning has no interest in coming to D.C.:

“A couple of different sources inside the organization have told me that Manning’s camp made it pretty clear to Redskins officials he doesn’t want to come here,” said Russell. “… There’s lots of reasons for that. His brother Eli, the colder weather, the whole situation down in Miami and so on and so forth. But unless that changes — and I’m taking my sources at their word — I don’t think Manning’s coming here to D.C.”

Well, it was worth a shot, but still, what could be wrong about going after a veteran quarterback dumped by the team that made him the face of the franchise? Oh. Right.

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