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Aaron Rodgers Makes the Packers the NFL's Best Team

Colts cement position as league's worst team



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    MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 23: Christian Ponder #7 of the Minnesota Vikings shakes hands after the game with Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on October 23, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Adam Bettcher /Getty Images)

    Power rankings. You hate them. They’re so arbitrary and pointless, especially when they include all 32 NFL teams. All you want to know after a good week of NFL action is who the bestest team in the NFL right now, and which one is the absolute barrel-scraping worst. The one so terrible, it's probably responsible for Penn State's PR department. That’s why we have TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE NFL, where we go to great lengths to tell you who’s the top dog in football right now, this very minute. LET’S GO!

    THE TOP: Green Bay Packers

    Aaron Rodgers is currently staging one of the finest seasons an NFL quarterback has ever had.

    Every so often, a QB has a year in which he seems utterly invincible, when every punt you force against him feels like a small miracle. That's Rodgers right now.

    I wanted to see how his current season stacks up against some of the best QB seasons in recent memory, so I did a little number crunching and here's what I found: Rodgers is currently on pace to throw 48 TD passes, to surpass 5,000 yards in the air, and complete over 72% of his passes. Does anyone else come close? Take a look...

    2004 Peyton Manning: 68% completion rate, 49 TDs, 4,557 yards

    1994 Steve Young: 70% completion rate, 35 TDs, 3,969 yards

    1999 Kurt Warner: 65% completion rate, 41 TDs, 4,353 yards

    2007 Tom Brady: 69% completion rate, 50 TDs, 4,806 yards

    Rodgers projected yardage and completion percentage beat everyone on this list, and his TD total would just barely come up short. Only Young would have better rushing totals (7 TDs in what was a truly remarkable season). And no one here would beat Rodgers' 9.9 yards per attempt. Rodgers is also on pace to throw just six picks, which would again beat everyone here.

    So if he's not having a better year than the four men listed above in their peak years, he's certainly matched their production. He's quite good.

    THE BOTTOM: Indianapolis Colts

    Ah, just one winless team left. And I don't know how the Colts can justify bringing Jim Caldwell back after this season. If your head coach is so weak that he can't keep a team together after the loss of its QB, then he was never fit for the job to begin with.

    There is NO WAY that Caldwell is the right man to be in charge of Andrew Luck's development should the Colts draft him. That's insane. This team is crying out for a strong head coach, and not just a puppet for GM Bill Polian. Caldwell needs to go.