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Skins Sick of ZornWatch '09

Players want a vote of confidence



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    ZornWatch '09 marches on. And the Redskins players are tired of hearing it, too. That's what some of them tell the Post, at least.

    The players, who spoke on condition that their names not be used, said they had hoped management would soon release a statement endorsing Zorn to silence any doubts about his immediate future to eliminate what they said has become a daily distraction.

    "I wish someone upstairs would just say he's going to be our coach for the season," said one of the players. "That way, we don't have to answer any more questions about it and everybody knows we're in this boat together."

    Ah, the dreaded vote of confidence.  The Post notes that the Skins' Mumbler-in-Chief, Vinny Cerrato, had ample time to do that this week, but that he refused when given a chance.

    Certainly having Vinny's ringing endorsement isn't good for the ol' resume -- at least if you want to work anywhere besides Walmart.

    The players seem to feel that that vote of confidence would help alleviate distractions.  Would it?  Don't those public shows-of-support usually work the other way, since then the coaching issue is something the team is actually commenting on, instead of it just being a bunch of rumors swirling around from gasbags in the media?

    Also note the careful word choice employed by the Post and the players: "for the season" and "immediate future."

    Those don't bode well for the specter of Zorn's long-term employment.  Even the players realize that the best-case scenario is the rest of the season.  And that vote of confidence will help his authority there?  Really?

    As it is, the Skins are two weeks away from a bye week, which would probably be the best time to make a coaching change.  Maybe that's why the players aren't (or won't) hear what they hope to hear.