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Running Back Roulette for Skins

Betts, c'mon down... maybe



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    As if things weren't bad enough for the Redskins this year, they're about one twisted knee away from having a running back tryout camp.

    With Clinton Portis still woozy from his concussion, backup running back Ladell Betts is now questionable for Sunday's game against the Broncos with a sprained ankle.  Suck it up, big boy.  It's not like you need a functioning ankle to effectively run anyway!

    Should Betts not be able to go, the Skins depth chart, err, "depth" chart will be challenged.  Rock Cartwright is No. 3, and someone called "Quinton Ganther" is right behind.  Ganther, the pride of the University of Utah, has been on the practice squad for a good chunk of the season, biding his time.  The team actually just re-signed him this week, after having slashed him off the roster the previous week to make room for a different stiff player.

    Well, if we don't have depth at RB, it's because we've got depth at so many other positions, right?


    The banged-up offensive line will go through it's ninth different combo in nine different games.  This ninth different combo will attempt to be the ninth different line unable to open holes for this week's contingent of running backs.

    Ah, it's great to be a Skins fan.

    Meanwhile, if you can run a 40 in under 6.5 seconds, or if you're a big, fat, sloppy guy with any kind of lateral agility, keep your schedule cleared next week; there's a chance the Skins might come a-callin' for your services.

    Heck of a job there, Vinny.  HECK.  OF.  A.  JOB.