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Local High School Football Team Gets Bad Rap

Game canceled due to rap video on YouTube



    Local High School Football Team Gets Bad Rap
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    Posting a video on YouTube can get you in a lot of trouble.  Just ask some football players at St. Vincent Pallotti, a private high school in Laurel, Md.

    Principal Steve Edmonds canceled the school’s Thursday varsity football game against Western Tech because of a rap video that appeared on YouTube.  According to the Laurel Leader, the video featured a number of players from Pallotti’s football team.

    The Gazette reported that the video was posted sometime after Tuesday's practice and got the attention of officials by the next day.

    The Laurel Leader posted an e-mail sent by Pallotti coach Pat Courtemanche that read, “Just wanted to inform everyone that the Western Tech/Pallotti football game has been canceled and as a result of it Pallotti will forfeit the game to Western Tech.  If anyone has any questions, please direct it to our principal Mr. Steve Edmonds.”

    “They posted something on YouTube with a rap song that was definitely questionable,” Edmonds told the Laurel Leader.  “I would not suspend the game if it was just one person (doing the video).  I guess you could call it a rap song that poorly reflects on them and the school.  We have asked that it be taken down.”

    None of the students have been suspended.  The team’s next game is scheduled for September 24.