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LeBron Whines, Loses to Wiz

Not a bad way to end a losing streak



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    He strikes a familiar pose.

    There are probably 48 cities in this country -- to include Peoria and Seattle -- that would want Big Baby LeBron to play for them next season.  Washington isn't one of them.

    The 'Zards ended their deadly six-game losing streak last night with a huge 108-91 victory over the ClevelandCrabDribblers.  Man, those people in Cleveland must be steamed.

    The hero of yesterday's game was the same hero the faux-Bullets relied on all last year: Antawn Jamison.  He had a huge first half, keeping the team in the game until Gilbert Arenas woke up from his giant slumber and his 1-for-9 start. 

    But Big Baby James was where most of the attention was focused.    He got his points.  He got off his angry scowls.  He got off his "Why are you not bowing before me?" face.  (The brilliant Dan Steinberg captures the many faces and wild gestures of a crazy man, with his LeBron photo essay.)

    And he got his T.  Oh, yes, he got his T.

    It happened late in the game when BBJ and DeShawn Stevenson tangled.  The refs didn't call a foul on Stevenson on a tough play; BBJ whined and cried at the audacity of the refs, before getting a technical foul.

    And to rub it in, late in the game, while trying to show what an impressive man-baby he is, BBJ hurt himself from dunking too hard.  Awww.  Poor guy.

    The fans rode BBJ all game, and he apparently didn't like it.  As one fan/blogger tweeted, "I told him to quit crying and take his fouls like a man. He looked at me and said '[not nice word] you'. Then it was on."

    Right backatcha, BBJ. 

    All in all, not a bad way to end a losing streak.