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Hoyas Going Silver on Saturday

New look an ode to Air Jordan



    Hoyas Going Silver on Saturday

    The Georgetown Hoyas will be decked out in silver unis Saturday when they play Notre Dame.

    An ode to the Olympics? Nah, it's an ode to Air Jordan's 25th anniversary.

    The Hoyas are one of three teams selected to wear the silver outfits (Cal wore silver Thursday and UNC wore them Wednesday). We say outfits because it's not just the jersey. It's not just the shorts. It's the shirt, the shorts AND the shoes.

    That's some silver styl-ee. It's like all of your favorite Hoyas have been wrapped up in tin foil, awaiting their turn on the Weber grill.

    This won't be the first alternate jersey for the Hoyas this season.  They also donned an all-black ensemble.

    If the Fighting Irish were smart, they'd bust out the gold unis Saturday at the Verizon Center. Hey, if the football team wears golden helmets, why can't the hoops squad?