Richmond Voting: Fail

From the Washington City Paper blog City Desk

Some lowlights of voting in the Virginia capital, as reported today by WWBT-TV.

  • 308 precint Library
    Librarian overslept did not open until 5:55am and voters let in at 6:25am
  • Swift Creek Middle School-Midlothian
    Machines stopped working — no techanican on site. Long lines, hundreds of people waiting in line. Paper ballots were given out and filled out but can not be used because of broken machines. Ballots are being put in a metal container. Voters are worried about their votes being counted and privacy.
  • Precint 108-Hunting-Henrico County
    Voting machines not working.
    Paper ballots are being filled out but put in an open brief case.
    Voters have no way of knowing if their vote will be counted.
  • Southside Baptist-6000 Iron Bridge
    Cars being towed by WAWA



Seriously, if any locality can screw things up, it’s this one. Should be interesting to see what emerges there–I’m expecting “Ukrop’s Fried Chicken” to end up with at least three of the Commonwealth’s electoral votes.

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