MoCo Sheriff Cuts Police Tuition Programs

What with the terrible corruption and all

Apparently some police officers in Montgomery County do not consider their official training regimen sufficient for warding off such bad guys as the Joker and the Penguin, who both live in Chevy Chase. Fortunately, these folks have had the opportunity to partake in a taxpayer-funded "tuition"-assistance program to provide additional combat training, "just in case."

Until now! County Sheriff Raymond Kight has said he is cutting off new requests from his deputies for the program, because supposedly they have all the training they need. Does this "Kight" have any idea what he is facing in the Joker? No, not at all.

Also, the program was terribly corrupt, so that may have played a role.

Kight said his office has denied five recent applications by his deputies --for a $1,500 yearlong martial arts class geared toward law enforcement officers, a $625 executive protection training class, and a $595 three-day handgun class in North Carolina -- because of concerns the money would be misspent. [...]

The $1,500 martial arts class is run by Bando Systems, which is co-owned by Montgomery County police officer Ken Stephens, state records show. Stephens was approved by the commission to be a "teacher" for Bando, county records show.

Ah, so obvious conflict-of-interest there, considering this is a KARATE CLASS, the sort of thing that usually "children" sign up for.


The county attorney and the inspector general opened probes into the county's tuition assistance program following reports from Kight that the program was being used by a company to subsidize the price of sniper rifles and handguns that were being sold to county public safety officials.

What is it with people and guns these days?

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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