Obama Says Michelle Has “Too Much Sense” to Run for President

President Barack Obama joined the EZ Street show on WKYS Friday to talk about D.C. sports, voting, and his wife's political ambitions.

Sure there was plenty of politicking in the interview -- Obama started things off with a fairly standard get-out-the-vote message, saying "This is gonna be a close election. The other side is spending more money than we've ever seen on negative ads, and I think, mischaracterizing my record. And the only way we fight back against that is to make sure that every single person who is out there and has a big stake in this thing is making sure to turn out."

But onward to what we really care about: What does the president think about D.C.?

On the Nats, Obama says the suddenly really good team has a great shot of making it to the World Series, and on RGIII, he says the he thinks the quarterback "is gonna be one of the best quarterbacks in the league."

And as for Michelle entering the White House as president? Obama told EZ: "She definitely could be the president, but she'll never run for the presidency -- 'cuz she's got too much sense. [...] She's an incredible person and an incredible talent. Politics is not her thing."

Well, that sounds pretty definitive.

Check out the full interview at WKYS.

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