Mitt Romney, Julie Carey: One on One

Mitt Romney was in Virginia Thursday for a campaign event in Springfield, where he appealed to local members of the military and continued to distance himself from a video in which critics said he had appeared to discount 47 percent of voters.

Click here for NBC News coverage of President Barack Obama's campaign stop in Virginia Beach.

"My campaign is about 100 percent of Americans," Mitt Romney told News4 Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Julie Carey.

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He criticized President Barack Obama's plan to reduce military spending, saying it would cut tens of thousands of jobs in the area.

"...My whole effort in running for president is to help those people who are struggling the most, and that's why it's so critical for me to get across Virginia and point out that when the president proposes to cut our military by a trillion dollars, that's going to cut 136,000 jobs right here in Virginia."

He said he would keep defense spending where it is and make cuts to other areas of government instead -- including Obama's healthcare plan.

While Romney's polling numbers have slipped in the crucial swing state, he told Carey he's remaining optimistic going into the debates.

"I have a great opportunity with the debates to talk about my vision for the country," he said. "Those that want bigger government and intrusive, vote for [Obama]. Those that want economic growth, vote for me."

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