Behind Curtain No. 1 … Joe Biden!

The vice president makes an early curtain call

Vice President Joe Biden may be known for his foreign policy, but his public gaffes often top the cake. This week, he didn’t disappoint.

On Wednesday, Biden was running late to a speech at the Marriott Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. He arrived just as the speaker was introducing him. But Biden was in such a hurry he made his entrance too early.

When the vice president realized the speaker was still introducing him, he playfully hid behind a curtain. The audience caught the early entrance and laughed as the speaker continued with his introduction. When Biden finally took the podium, he joked that backstage felt like the Wizard of Oz.

According to the vice president’s daybook, he was coming from a private lunch with the president.

Biden and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke were presenting three U.S. organizations with the 2008 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The award honors organizational performance, excellence and innovation.

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