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Rush Takes on "Mealy-Mouthed" Deeds

Apparently Bob McDonnell likes women, too



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    This just in: Rush doesn't like Democrats.

    Ah, there's nothing quite like plausible deniability, is there Rush?  The cigar-chomping right-wing pundit sounded off recently on Virginia's governor's race.  And (make sure you're sitting down before reading further), he attacked the Democrat, Creigh Deeds.


    El Rushbo says that Deeds has been far too negative, reports the WaPo's boringly named Virginia Politics blog. Rush told his listeners that "Deeds is going full negative all the time, accusing Bob McDonnell, the Republican, of hating women, even though he's married to a woman, has three daughters, one of his daughters was a platoon leader in Iraq."

    Why, McDonnell may even have some friends who might be black/gay/Jewish/Spanish/Japanese/overweight pill poppers.

    But Rush didn't stop there, slipping in one dagger at Deeds, calling him a "mealy-mouthed idiot."

    Is that a shot at Deeds' stuttering, which recently made him the center of some mockery, or just a random choice of words?  That's where the plausible deniability comes in.

    Deeds apparently brushed it all off, telling reporters that he feels like he's "hit the big time!  They've called out the heavyweights on me." 

    Seems like that plausible deniability works both ways.