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If Fenty Isn't Re-Elected, Will Rhee Stay?



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    D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee has pledged to stay through the end of Mayor Adrian Fenty's second term. But what happens if he isn't re-elected?

    Rhee often said she thinks she can close the academic achievement gap for children and transform D.C.'s public school system by the end of Fenty's second term -- which would be in 2015. But Rhee won't say what she'd do if Fenty isn't re-elected in 2010.

    Rhee only will say Fenty has been "a huge factor" in her aggressive reform efforts. She was asked whether his re-election was a two-for-one deal or if she will consider working with someone else who gave her the same leeway? Rhee flashed a grin.

    "He's the only politician I've met across the country who's taken a stand on this. It's easy for people to say things, but to follow through is a whole different story," Rhee said.

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