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Arizona-Style Immigration Law in Maryland?

Md. delegate to introduce legislation next year



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    An Arizona-like crackdown on illegal immigration in Maryland? The writing’s on the wall.

    Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough, a Republican, said Friday he will introduce legislation next year that will mirror Arizona’s law. 
    Under Arizona's law, police officers are required to stop and question anyone they suspect is in the country illegally.
    McDonugh agrees with Arizona officials that such laws are needed to strengthen the border,  keep criminals out and save jobs.
    He added that states have to be able to enforce immigration laws because the federal government isn’t doing the job.
    At least half a dozen other states are calling for a hard-line approach to immigration reform.
    Opponents believe the Arizona measure -- signed by the governor last week -- is discriminatory and will lead to racial profiling. They're also worried that other states will follow Arizona's lead and pass a similar measure.
    McDonough may face a challenge from his fellow lawmakers. An aide to Speaker Michael Busch told the Associated Press that leaders in the Maryland House of  Delegates have been skeptical about “broad-ranging bills like this” and see it as “more of a federal government issue.”