97-Year-Old D.C. Woman Votes for 1st Time in Presidential Election

Pattie Brew, 97, votes for first time in her life at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Northwest Washington

For the first time in her 97 years of life, D.C. resident Pattie H. Brew cast a ballot in a presidential election.

Brew, affectionately known as Mother Brew, said that up until Nov. 4, 2008, she has only voted in D.C. Mayoral elections. She said she had little interest in voting for president because she felt there would never be a candidate who understood her issues and concerns until now.

Because of her age, Brew has some difficulty getting around. She was granted curb-side service as she pulled up to Mount Bethel Baptist Church in Northwest, D.C. to cast her vote.

Brew said she feels lucky to have had the opportunity to witness such a historic moment in history. She was born before blacks were even granted the right to vote.

Brew was born at Braswell Share Cropper Farm in Rocky Mount, N.C. Brew is number seven of 12 children and is the only living survivor of her siblings.

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