No Mulligan For Tiger Woods Joke in “The Joneses”

Long before Tiger Woods became a punchline, the makers of "The Joneses" filmed a scene invoking his iconic name -- as movie-goers can tell, the joke's meaning has changed dramatically since the film wrapped.

David Duchovny, playing a failed golf pro, is seen talking about mistaken identity and gets a laugh at dinner saying that he's often mistaken for Tiger Woods.

Of course, since the movie was filmed, Tiger Woods has become known as much for his alleged mistresses as his golf game. Director Derrick Borte tells PopcornBiz the filmmakers even considered cutting the scene due to the "unfortunate" timing of the Tiger-affair after they had finished shooting.

"Yeah, there was definitely a conversation about cutting it," director Derrick Borte tells PopcornBiz. "It's just one of those things where it used to get a big laugh and it doesn't get a big laugh anymore."

"(The joke) had nothing to do with the personal issues that have been highlighted in the public," he added.

Borte said he decided not to cut the part as a knee-jerk reaction to the Woods' situation. "Too me it's still funny," says Borte. "I don't want to be reactionary. I could care less what Tiger Woods does. I just decided to leave it."

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