Timothy Hutton Hoping for Past Underdog Heroes on “Leverage”

Timothy Hutton knows his television history about rogue-like helpers of the oppressed.

That's why he's dreaming about a scenario where past underdog helpers, like Mr. T, could make visits on his TNT show, "Leverage," which has been renewed for a fourth season.

"It would be great to get Mr. T. on 'Leverage,' " Hutton tells PopcornBiz. "Maybe in the fourth season we should have a running theme in every show, sort of peppering in somebody from a past show like the 'A-team.' "

It wouldn't have to be big parts. Just cameos or "great little moments."

"Just be walking down the street and catch a glimpse of Mr. T. pulling down a shade, and you're like. 'Wait, was that…?' "

Hutton says he was long a fan of these kinds of shows from days past -- from "The Equalizer" to the "A-team." Now his "Leverage" team makes a living playing Robin Hood to big bad folks and it's a formula that has found an audience.

"It's a good theme," he says. "Take a bunch of renegades and get them on the right side of the law."

Hutton is more than happy with his new home on TNT, which he calls "a good fit." He feels the cable network provides a safe haven for traditional television.

"It's a place where there's a lot of support for scripted drama, while the networks are moving more towards reality," he says. "As long as there's an audience we're going to do the show."

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