The Situation Sues Dad in Miami Court

It's the Situation versus the Confrontation

Just when you thought the Jersey Shore had been exiled from Miami.

One of the MTV reality TV shows main characters, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has filed a lawsuit in federal court against his own dad, Frank, claiming that his pops is exploiting his fame, and E! News reported.

The lawsuit appears to be the culmination of an Internet feud between the Sorrentinos.

Papa Sorrentino has launched his own website bashing his son for not being financially supportive of his dad. He's also begun calling himself "The Confrontation," which sounds like a cartoon super villain.

He calls himself "The Real Situation" on his website,

The lawsuit asks a judge to force Frank Sorrentino to stop using his son's likeness on the website, which has several profanity-laced tirades directed at The Situation.

The site also contains a photo gallery with pictures of the father and son during happier times.

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