Spike Lee Giving Mike Tyson the “Entourage” Treatment for HBO

Regardless of your feelings about the man, Mike Tyson is unquestionably one of the more bizarre and fascinating men of our age. Thinking about what Spike Lee could do with his life story has us more than a little excited.

Last year, while making an appearance on "Entourage," Tyson told producer Doug Ellin that they should do with his own story what they did with Mark Wahlberg's. Ellin took the idea to his partner Jim Lefkowitz, and they in turn went to John Ridley for a script, who later convinced Spike Lee to direct.

HBO's "Da Brick" will be set in present day Newark, NJ, aka "Brick City," and will be "a contemporary exploration of what it means to be a young, black man in supposedly post-racial America and is loosely inspired by aspects of Mike Tyson’s youth," reported Deadline.

From street thug to pigeon lover to world-boxer to convicted rapist to prison philosopher to grieving father to "Hangover" cameo maker, Tyson's has been a wild ride, and he's come through it a strangely thoughtful man, despite sometimes lacking the command of language to express himself.

We can't recommend highly enough James Toback's documentary "Tyson," which is loaded with new interviews and old footage. Check the trailer:

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