Southern California Cities Among the Most Promiscuous

Frequency of efforts to have "casual sex" tallied as part of the results.

Casual sex is alive and well in Southern California, according the findings of a recent survey.

Residents of two Southern California cities are among the top sheet-touslers in the nation, according to OKCupid.

The dating site found San Bernardino and San Diego to be among the top 10 Most Promiscuous U.S. Cities.

While Portland, Oregon took the top spot, San Bernardino came in seventh place followed by San Diego in ninth.

OKCupid tallied how many of their users sought “casual sex” relationships via their profiles, and from which cities they hailed.

The West Coast reigned supreme, claiming five spots. California was the most well-represented state, with three cities among the top ten. San Francisco came in fifth on the list.

Notably missing from the list is Los Angeles. A recent-- and equally unscientific-- study by the makers of Trojans Condoms found that Angelinos have more sex than just about anyone.

Take a look at OKCupid's complete list here:

1. Portland
2. Seattle
3. Pittsburgh
4. Miami
5. San Francisco
6. Dallas
7. San Bernardino, Calif.
8. Denver
9. San Diego
10. Houston

For some light and entertaining reading, OKCupid keeps a compilation of dating research via its blog.

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