Ruben Fleischer Wanders From “Zombieland” Into Mike White's “Woods”

Ruben Fleischer, whose feature-film debut "Zombieland" was one of 2009's surprise hits, is joining forces with one of Hollywood's most talented, eclectic and downright weird screenwriters, Mike White.

Fleischer will direct White's "Babes in the Woods," which eh will also produce, according to a press release from Columbia Pictures (by way of Collider). The film tells the story of a Midwestern girl who heads of to Yale only to become targeted by the mafia.

“Our experience working with Ruben on "Zombieland" was nothing short of amazing.  We love what Mike did with this script and could not be more thrilled to develop Babe in the Woods with these two guys. They bring the perfect blend of comedy and attitude to their projects.”

This one will take a while to come to life, however, as Fleischer is currently working on "30 Minutes or Less," his pizza delivery action-comedy with Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari, which has been slated for an Aug. 11, 2011, release.

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