Queen Latifah Offers Words of Wisdom to Kate Middleton

Future royal Kate Middleton is getting some input  from the Queen--Latifah that is.

The Oscar-nominated actress told Parade magazine her thoughts about Middleton and her fiancé, Prince William.

"Make sure you have a sanctuary, because everybody in the world is going to be in your business,” she advised to Middleton. "He happened to be born a prince; you happened to go to college and meet him. You're two kids who fell in love. I just hope you have a happy life. And don't take anything personally."

Latifah is going to be in the public spotlight again relatively soon. First, she will return hosting the 37th People’s Choice Awards that will broadcast on CBS Wednesday. "The thing I like most about it is that it's about the fans and their favorites," she said. "It's the top of the year, so it has a different energy. It kicks things off in a very entertaining way."

The star is also appearing in the upcoming new film comedy, "The Dilemma," starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. She has drawn raves from the movie’s director Ron Howard. "She's spinning a lot of plates, and she's fascinated with them all. She gives off this casual vibe, yet there's all this productivity coming out of her world."

In the Parade interview, Latifah also opens up about several things in her life, such as crediting her family for her business knack, her New Jersey roots, and helping others deal with difficulties. The latter is something that she experienced in her own life and addressed in her book "Put On Your Crown."

"I think people can feel when you're saying something from the heart, something truthful," she says. "I don't know how to do it any differently. Sometimes it's just knowing what someone else has been through that strikes a chord, that helps other people get through their lives in a more full way."

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