Pippen: Heat Are More Like Two and a Half Men

Pippen: LeBron James wanted to be like me, not Mike

Add Scottie Pippen to the list of NBA Hall of Famers who are riding the Heat Hater bandwagon in retirement.

He also might be leading the "Chris Bosh is not a star" campaign.

Pippen railed on the Miami Heat in a recent article in Slam magazine, calling the Heat's Big Three the "Big Two and a Half" after being asked about how the team has gelled so far this season.

"I don't think Chris Bosh is half the player of LeBron James," Pippen said.

So if the Heat are the NBA version of Two and a Half Men, then does that make LeBron James Charlie Sheen?

My goodness we hope not!

Pippen went on in the interview to lambast the Heat as a fraudulent contender to break the NBA single-season best record of 72-10 he set with the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls of 1997-1998.

For the record, no one on the Heat ever mentioned going after the record when the team was assembled this offseason.

The prototype Robin said the currently assembled Heat would be hard pressed to go down as the best in franchise history. Forget NBA history.

The Heat are 38-14 and have a good shot at besting the team record of 61-21.

"There’s no way those guys are gonna break any type of record," Pippen said. "I don’t think they can break the franchise record in Miami, or the state of Florida, I should say."

True, Pippen is an all-time great, but stomping on the Heat with two feet seems a bit, Cleveland Cavalier-ish.

You'd think he'd have more to deal with like worrying about his wife putting the family business out in the streets on The Real Housewives of Miami.

For good measure, Pippen took a small jab at James, saying that the King probably grew up wanting to be like him, not Mike.

"I was probably the player that he mostly patterned his game after," Pippen said.

Looks like Scottie has been hitting the Haterade hard in retirement. Somebody get him the number for rehab.

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