Phillies Fan Uses Laser Pointer to Take on Pujols

A laser pointer was the weapon of choice for one Phils fan at Saturday's game.

A fan at the Cards/Phillies game used a strategically placed laser pointer to try and distract the St. Louis hitters.

In the top of the seventh inning the fan first used it on Julio Lugo, who eventually struck out.

Then the fan tried to distract Albert Pujols before umpire Jim Wolf called time and tried to find the fan. Security went to the section but the culprit was never caught, according to ESPN.

Once the pointing stopped Pujols responded by knocking a single off Chan Ho Park.

It was just the latest classless move made by a Philly fan that will surely be met by a firestorm of criticism. This moment will be lumped in there with booing Santa Claus, throwing snowballs on the field and the infamous Eagles court.

Just imagine the field day Joe Buck would have had complaining about Philly fans if he was broadcasting the game.

Definitely it wasn't a proud moment for Philly sports fans.

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