Parents of 12-Year-Old “Slender Man” Stabbing Victim “Overwhelmed” By Support

The parents of the young Wisconsin girl who was stabbed 19 times, allegedly by two classmates inspired by the fictional character Slender Man, said the family is "overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.”
"She has a courageous heart and bravely deals with both the physical and emotional challenges since the attack," the parents said in a statement on their daughter’s condition Tuesday morning. 

Police say the 12-year-old was attacked after being lured into the woods of Waukesha County on May 31 by two friends, also 12-year-old girls. The two girls have been charged with first-degree intentional attempted murder and are being tried as adults. 

What is Slender Man? A Meme’s Possible Role in Wisconsin Stabbing

“Our family would like to thank everyone who has supported our daughter on her miraculous road to recovery," the victim's parents said.  "Our little girl has received thousands of purple hearts from numerous countries and from most continents.” Purple is the girl's favorite color.
Girl Stabbed by Friends in Slender Man Attack: “I Wanted to Live”

“We simply cannot put into words how grateful we are for the prayers, packages and heartfelt messages,” her parents added in their statement.

The victim's parents said that adjusting to their “new normal” has been challenging, but in between daily medical appointments and rehabilitation their daughter has enjoyed “daddy-daughter night at the movies” and a “treat at the snack area.”

The parents also released two photographs. One shows their daughter surrounded by purple heart cards, holding her own “thank you” card. The other (below) shows her bedroom wall, where a local artist drew a tree trunk and used the purple heart cards as the tree’s leaves.

Surrounded by an array of heart-shaped cards wishing her a speedy recovery, the 12-year-old  is photographed holding a card she made, with two words written below a hand-drawn purple heart: “Thank you.”
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